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Do you understand your customer data?

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How to turn loss prevention into sales and service

In-store video can be used for more than just surveillance.

Harmonising data to make it sing

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Retail (im)maturity and analytics systems

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Five retail marketing trends that will define 2019

Calendar 2019 is set to see a significant retail marketing revamp as the industry goes through a phase of rapid and dramatic technological change. The key for retailers amid all the innovation is to r…

Endeavour Drinks’ data expert talks ultra-convenience

Q&A with Violet Lazarevic, head of customer behaviour and data at EDG.

Why ultra-personal shopping is the future

Experiences need to be personalised to the individual.

Aussie industries ‘need to mine data more’

New report finds Australian business need to digitally innovative to create new revenue streams.

Consumers worry personal information is vulnerable

Over half of customers believe businesses don’t have their best interests in mind.

Why personality matters

Demographics are yesterday’s news when it comes to customer segmentation.