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Kmart unveils new ‘K Hub’ format in former Target stores

Three former Target Country stores have already been converted. Dozens more will soon follow.

Retailers can collectively negotiate leases until September 2021

ARA and NRA welcome decision by the competition watchdog.

Australian dollar rises

Aussie dollar rises against US counterpart.

JobKeeper eligibility tweaked for business

Eligibility requirements altered to ensure more businesses can stay afloat.

Myer online sales jump as more stores close up, staff stood down

Melbourne’s lockdown has forced Myer to shutter 11 stores.

Vital Signs: Shorter meetings but longer days – how Covid-19 has changed the way we work

The nature of work was evolving before Covid-19, and it will continue to do so as many parts of the world continue with various forms of physical distancing.

Panic buying wasn’t the only reason supermarkets ran out of stock

As Melbourne enters its toughest lockdown yet, what lessons have been learned about demand?

Value of Westfield properties expected to fall 10 per cent due to Covid

Physical retail has been hit hard by the global pandemic.


Aussie dollar gains overnight

The Australian dollar has risen to 72 US cents overnight, up from Wednesday’s 71.72 US cents.

Image of people walking down Melbourne laneway.

Victoria’s shutdown to weigh on economy

Economists busily adjusting economic forecasts.