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H&M has created a jacket that gives the wearer a hug

The product was developed in the fast fashion giant’s innovation lab in Germany.

Australian dollar falls

Aussie dollar declines against the greenback.

image of apple staff wearing face masks

Consumers fret about wider virus outbreak

Australians are worried about a deeper economic recession and unemployment.


Repco to support Melbourne staff through lockdown

Full- and part-time staff, as well as casuals, to remain paid throughout Victoria’s lockdown.

Hanes chief executive steps down to exit apparel

Apparel group has begun the process of finding a new leader.

From the source: Sage Mellet and Alyssa Carp, The Peach Pack

Fed up with the way big businesses were talking to young women about periods, these co-founders started their own company at just 22 years old.

Crime, abuse, stress: NRA report reveals reality of working in retail

The landmark report shines a light on the areas of the industry that need improvement.

Saving grace: Camilla

The bohemian fashion label has paid homage to Jamaican poet Grace Jones in its new store in Bondi Junction.

Were shopping centres hit hardest by Covid-19?

Not only have their revenues been hit by the economic downturn, they’re facing a rent strike, too.

60,000 years in the making: Indigenous design takes centre stage

If you don’t associate Indigenous design with luxury resortwear and contemporary couture, you’re missing a trick.