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Price the main factor driving brand loyalty

New research reveals a disconnect between what marketers are doing to encourage brand loyalty and what consumers find important.

Private label is taking over supermarket shelves

Love or loathe them, private label products are going to significantly impact Australian suppliers.

Cost cutting is not growth

Many Australian retail business models are being compared to ‘the walking dead’.

Apparel retailing – where to from here?

Part two: Maybe retailers are the rats and the customers have conditioned us.

Four big switch offs

Risk these four main issues at your own peril.

Big two slice bread prices

Supermarket wars hone in on bread.

What does “customer first” really mean?

Customers demand more than just price to consider that they are being placed as number one.

Retail 101: Don’t forget the swing tag

Product, price and service are still the fundamentals of good retail.

Any idiot can sell something if it’s cheap enough

Why desperate attempts to create sales growth at all costs are killing retailers.

Markdowns – friend or foe?

Stuart Bennie provides some pointers on marking down stock in retail stores.