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Dennis Price

Dennis Price is a shopping centre, retail, marketing & strategy all-rounder with over 30 years’ experience, across a portfolio career of concurrent interests including consultant & coach (at Ganador), retail centre management at JLL, GPT, Lend Lease, entrepreneur at Yearone Solutions, Ganador & Uncle Joe's Cafe, and Academic (at MGSM, UoW, AIB). Dennis Price has regularly contributed columns for Inside Retail since 2007.


Online reviews are terrible, and here’s why

At best, they’re subjective. At worst, they’re totally fake.

The great loyalty swindle

Forget everything you think you know about customer loyalty.

How the ‘law of more’ makes discounting worse

To break out of the discount cycle, follow Patagonia.

Bartering: Why this old retail trend will make a comeback

New technology is converging to make it possible.

Are you ready for dark retailing?

What happens when retailers go rogue.

What landlords assume about retailers

If you build the stage, who will come to act on it?

Abolishing the minimum wage

COMMENT: Consumers, casual readers and industry outsiders who are not actually directly impacted by the minimum wage like the idea of a minimum wage because it makes them feel good.

The hypocrisy of the minimum wage

Dennis Price examines the wages debate.

Time to go to retail rehab

Why are retailers failing at such an alarming rate?

Why you should strive for mediocrity

There’s no point in aiming for the stars in retail. Success is doing the same thing repeatedly – and getting slightly better at it.

Customer complaints have zero ROI

Focusing on customer complaints can have a range of negative impacts on businesses.

Data in the mall

There are several factors to consider before installing free wi-fi for the public.

Should retailers ‘take the knee’?

What role should business play in socio-political issues?

​What no one tells you about e-commerce failures

10 lessons for bricks and mortar retailers.

You have to be in it to win it

Five steps to position a retail store practically.

When business models eat themselves

Modern businesses, now so seemingly invincible, are vulnerable at the core.

Transformative innovations for shopping centres

Why do shopping centres struggle with innovation so much?

Retail fan or retail spectator?

The challenge we face is that we actually believe is incongruent with what we say – that is why we fail in the ‘execution’.

A radical solution for retail innovation

Most challenges can be overcome if we want to do it and we have the technology to do it.

What would you do today if you knew what would happen in 17 years’ time?

Executives don’t really want to know what the future will be like.


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