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Peter James Ryan

Peter James Ryan is acknowledged as one of Australia's leading retail business and marketing consultants, presenters, authors and industry commentators, backed by over 30 years’ experience working in and on retail businesses. Peter has been a regular contributor to Inside Retail since 2011.


The problem with franchising

Franchise failures and scandals seem to make the news with disturbing frequency, but the headlines fail to address the real problems.

The real ramifications of online

Global distribution lines to truly feel the effects of digital commerce, with multi-branded retailers that have survived purely on discounting set to be tested.

What’s the big idea?

Sticking to polished processes and protocol that look good on paper, won’t help to reignite retail fortunes in today’s world.

What are we doing to our people?

Retailers are overburdened by a mixture of political correctness and intellectual blindness.

Closing stores treats symptoms, not the disease

Have leasing deals become a convenient scapegoat by retailers?

Who gains from “fake news” about a bid for Myer?

David Jones and Myer have big problems that will take time, effort, money and patience.

Give Wesfarmers a break

It’s time to give the Bunnings UK and Ireland parent company some time and space to succeed in the overseas market.

A cut above the rest

In a world of copycat retailers with tired, old concepts, it’s refreshing to see businesses executing new ideas with flair and integrity.

When the smoke clears, it’s all about product and experience

The management view that everything can be cut down to ‘international benchmarks’ is formulaic nonsense.

Cost cutting is not growth

Many Australian retail business models are being compared to ‘the walking dead’.

Supplier payment terms – morality tale or legislative imperative?

Last year during a high profile legal process, the former chairman of a publicly-listed retailer openly confessed that the company had pushed out supplier payments as an embedded pillar of ‘business as usual’.

Is Amazon really the big bad wolf?

If you read the propaganda about Amazon, you’d believe that they’ll be rolling into town and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Is there anything that can derail Bunnings?

Now that Masters is gone, is the sky the limit for Bunnings?

Opinion: Gimmicks or better?

Why retail leaders contemplating business improvement, innovation or change need to differentiate between legitimate wins and mere gimmicks.

The new footprint for physical retail

The right number of stores in the right locations is now a science, says Peter James Ryan.

Global versus hyper local

Peter James Ryan examines the advantages of being a local player in a global industry.

Things were supposed to get better: Technology

In the final installment of his four week series, Peter James Ryan examines the role of technology in retail.

Things were supposed to get better: Education

In the third installment of his four week series, Peter James Ryan discusses education and retail.

Things were supposed to get better: Part 2

In the second part of his four week series, Peter James Ryan talks about investment markets.

Things were supposed to get better – Government

In the first post of his four week series, ‘Things were supposed to get better’, Peter James Ryan takes the subject of the Government.


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