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Is the dress green or red? Planet-friendly couture won’t be for everyone but it can lead the way

How far is the fashion industry from being a “completely sustainable” industry?

We depend so much more on Chinese travellers now. That makes the impact of coronavirus novel

International travel bans dramatically escalate potential economic impacts.

Why laptops could be facing the end of the line

Some people have already begun to desert the laptop market.

Huge success in business is largely based on luck – new research

The inconvenient truth is that exceptional successes in business are largely based on luck.

2020 to be “a dismal year for the economy”: The Conversation

2020 is shaping up as a dismal year for the economy, with no progress on many of the key measures that matter for Australians.

The end of the checkout signals a dire future for those without the right skills

In the coming decade we might see radically larger numbers of jobs lost to automation.

A life of long weekends is alluring, but the shorter working day may be more practical

Would employees be better off working fewer hours a day or having a longer weekend?

What employers need to know: the legal risk of asking staff to work in smokey air

Employers should have in place measures to manage the risks to health and safety of working outdoors when air quality is reduced, Safe Work Australia says.

Why every company needs a Chief Fun Officer

Organisations that provide an environment in which employees are able to have some fun are likely to have the last laugh.

Everyone wants meaning in their work - but how do you define it?

Everyone wants meaning in their work – but how do you define it?

Employers are more willing than ever to create meaningful workplaces.

A useful guide for CEOs on how to make ethical decisions in business

Business leaders can no longer stand by and watch from the sidelines.

Designer fashion, nostalgia magnet – what’s behind the rise and rise of the sneaker?

How does society’s sneaker love tally with their awareness of the environmental and human cost of consumerism?

Why Australia’s first securities class action judgment (sort of) cleared Myer

The Myer class action shows future shareholders what they have to prove.

No, a ‘complex’ system is not to blame for corporate wage theft

If Woolies can keep track of food use-by dates, it should be able navigate the wage system.

Sexualised and stereotyped: why Australian advertising is stuck in a sexist past

It’s time for advertisers to show it’s not living in the past, advertising industry told.

How to make your online shopping more environmentally friendly

There are ways to reduce the environmental impact of our shopping habits.

Bosses face more discrimination if they are women – from employees of any gender

Results show that both women and men react more negatively to criticism if it comes from a woman.

Does choice overload you? It depends on your personality – take the test

At what point does more become less?

How remote working can increase stress and reduce well-being

Many workers appreciate the flexibility, but is it doing more harm than good?

The rise, fall and rise again of businesses serving more than just their shareholders

Leaders are starting to challenge the wisdom that business exists purely for profit.


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