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Sure, let’s bring production onshore, but it might not ensure supplies

Re-shoring can play a role, but a top-down assessment of the risks facing supplies of critical goods is needed

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Corporate activism is more than a marketing gimmick

Businesses that are the first movers, or those that engage in hard activism early, are more likely interested in achieving policy change.

Australia is under sustained cyber attack. What’s going on, and what should businesses do?

The attack is described as “state-sponsored”, which means a foreign government is believed to be behind it.

Watch yourself: the self-surveillance strategy to keep supermarket shoppers honest

Supermarkets are trying a different tactic that’s part overt surveillance but also encourages “self-reflection” on any impulse to exploit loopholes in the bagging and payment systems.

Economists back wage freeze 21-19 in new Economic Society-Conversation survey

The Economic Society of Australia, The Conversation poll 42 of Australia’s leading economists in the fields of microeconomics, macroeconomics, economic modelling, public policy.

How a tightening of wallets pushed Australia into recession

The treasurer described Australia as “on the edge of the cliff” in the March quarter, facing “an economist’s version of Armageddon”.

Australia’s first service sector recession will be unlike those that have gone before it

If the government wants to stop this recession from turning into a depression, it will have to redirect its policy playbook toward services.

What COVID-19 means for the people making your clothes

The crisis has demonstrated forcefully the importance for manufacturers and retailers to be agile with well trained workers and have access to the best technology and equipment.

A Target store in Sydney, Australia

Don’t blame COVID-19: Target’s decline is part of a deeper trend

Target’s strategy to move further into the middle market was always doomed for limited success.

Coronavirus has turned retail therapy into retail anxiety – keeping customers calm will be key to carrying on

If retailers and hospitality service providers want customers to return in greater numbers the goal will be to minimise the perceived risks of infection.

How the COVID-19 crisis could remodel the luxury industry

Confronted with the lasting effects of the crisis, significant changes in the industry are to be expected.

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If we want workers to stay home when sick, we need paid leave for casuals

Lack of sick leave a “major barrier” for many workers who need to stay home, experts say.

Five workplace trends that will shape life after lockdown

“People are realising they can work remote … that’s a huge opportunity.”

Beyond travel, a trans-Tasman bubble is an opportunity for Australia and NZ to reduce dependence on China

China still vital but balance is crucial.

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Coronavirus redundancies are understandable, but there are alternatives

Creative options for cutting wage costs without having to make staff redundant.

Five ways businesses can contribute to a more balanced post-coronavirus future

While the movement towards a multi-stakeholder approach to business has increased in recent years, the coronavirus pandemic creates an opportunity for a conscious mindset change.

Pivot to pandemic: how advertisers are using (and abusing) the coronavirus to sell

The days of “what you see is what you get” have passed. It is now time for us to change the way we look at advertising.

Coronavirus shutdowns: what makes hairdressing ‘essential’? Even the hairdressers want to close

Many salons have begun selling “lockdown” product packs online, producing short “home maintenance” videos, and some are even offering one-on-one live digital consultations.

The last thing companies should be doing right now is paying dividends

COVID-19 has revealed an ugly truth – many very large companies have too little cash.

More Australians are worried about a recession and an increasingly selfish society than about coronavirus itself

In a world where social distancing is becoming the norm, people were more worried about society becoming more selfish than catching the virus themselves.


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