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The ‘discovery store’ is the new flagship

To compete with the masses, including copy-cats, brands are utilising the power of physical spaces to establish themselves as ‘the experts’.

Aussie retailer sets up in the Big Apple

Aussie retailer looks to capitalise on growing US menswear industry.

Going Global – Understanding the American Shopper

Why retailers should pay attention to the key characteristics of shoppers in the US.

Berlei launches in the US

Undergarment retailer ventures into the US with launch at Macy’s flagship store.

Feature: The new vanguard in global retail

Being, not buying: From the recent launch of Samsung 837 in Manhattan.

Nordstrom reveals design of NYC flagship store

Nordstrom unveils design of massive flagship store set to occupy prime retail space in NYC.

Three key retail trends from the NRF Big Show

Tess Bennett recaps the key themes from the annual National Retail Federation Convention and Expo.

Muji New York – easy on the gadgets, big on the experience

Brian Walker on how Muji NY is harnessing the power of a “traditional” tactile store experience.

Leadership lessons from Gen. Colin Powell

The most important asset for retailers.

NRF Day One: Top 10 retailers worldwide

National Retail Federation (NRF) 2016 convention and expo kicks off in New York.