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How COVID-19 will change consumer behaviour

Beyond the immediate crisis, retailers need to consider how consumer behaviour will change in the future.

Have older Australians been left out by e-commerce?

Have older Australians been left out by e-commerce?

Our contributor examines how older Aussies shop online.

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At what point does more become less?

The limbic system, the cognitive mind and the user illusion that misleads

This misconception about consumers is still rampant in retail.

“Digital natives” most likely to shop in-store

New research reveals what retail execs get wrong about today’s customers.

Consumers say sustainability should be standard: Monash

New research shows there’s little wriggle room for lax business practices.

The Ikea effect: how we value the fruits of our labour over instant gratification

Why consumers love DIY.

Brick-bait: three tricks up retailers’ sleeves to lure you back to physical shops

Even the simple act of just being welcomed at the entrance of a store can influence store loyalty, research shows.

The surprisingly rude downside to modern technology

Is new technology turning customers into modern-day monsters?

Podcast with Matt Newell, The General Store

Inside Retail chats with the retail firm’s founder and executive strategy director.