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SDA shopping centre safety

Government needs to step in on shopper behaviour: SDA

Many customers are ignoring advice from health authorities when shopping.

Emporium Melbourne Vicinity Centres

Vicinity raising over $1 billion to respond to virus impact

Equity raising launched to recover from months of reduced foot traffic and voluntary closures.

Coronavirus has turned retail therapy into retail anxiety – keeping customers calm will be key to carrying on

If retailers and hospitality service providers want customers to return in greater numbers the goal will be to minimise the perceived risks of infection.

Image of a girl walking through Melbourne Central shopping centre

Social distancing won’t just affect stores. Shopping centres and offices will change too

A property expert considers the domino effect of the “new normal” in retail properties.

GPT halts retail expansions during COVID-19 crisis while Mirvac pushes through

Shopping centre owners release Q3 updates.

Shopping centres fight to stay relevant during lockdown

How Westfield malls, Melbourne Central and Burwood Brickworks are adapting.

Coronavirus by the numbers

All the key stats you need to know to understand the impact of COVID-19.

PM announces commercial rent relief, but leaves big business out

Proposed relief made up of one part rent waiver, one part rent deferral.

Watchdog allows shopping centres to implement rent relief

Decision allows shopping centres to defer, waive or reduce payments and interest.

SCCA says it has urged members to show “empathy”

But some landlords have still refused to offer support on rents.