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Michael Baker

Michael Baker is a Sydney-based retail consultant and former head of research at the International Council of Shopping Centers. He writes a monthly column on retail property for Inside Retail and writes regularly for Shopping Centers Today International and International Outlet Journal. He presents frequently to audiences around Australia and the world on global retail topics. He authored the book "Market Research for Shopping Centers in Developing Countries", published in 2012, and received ICSC's Researcher of the Year award in 2014.


What outlet centres do differently

They’re not about fostering “community”, but they’re still thriving.

The hypocrisy of fake authenticity

Retail developers are not getting far in their efforts to make shopping centres into vibrant, nurturing community spaces.

Mall meets big top

Can Cirque du Soleil’s move into malls help shopping centres scale new heights?

Bon-Ton bites the dust

Another big name US retailer has been liquidated, compounding the sector’s well-documented woes. But it’s not always bad news when department stores fail.

Department store concessions – the rot stops here

Global retailers look to shop-in-shop concepts for inspiration. 

The secret to a retail slimdown

In the US, Kohl’s department store experiments shrinking its floorspace, rather than closing stores down.

Dodging a bullet

Will Australian regional shopping centres face the same dismal fate as their US counterparts?

Landlords dig in as store closings escalate

As retail store closures continue into the new year and e-commerce is on the rise, where does this leave shopping centres?

Franchising and the new shopping centre

Retail landlords face a raft of challenges, with some tough decisions needed to be made in order for shopping centres to continue thriving.

Is retail property maxed out on luxe?

Landlords have been making big bets on luxury.

The evolution becomes a revolution

Australian landlords will need to take some serious risks on more than one new paradigm to avoid fading away.

Time for a makeover?

As more apparel retailers close their stores and the health and beauty sector is on the rise, it’s time for centres to reconsider their tenancy mixes.

A sad farewell

As apparel retailers struggle across the world, how does the increase in closures impact the property landscape?

Do we have room for more factory outlets?

Nothing excites shoppers like huge discounts, so is it time for Australia to follow in the steps of the US and create more outlets?

The writing’s on the mall

Are you a retailer looking to go big in the USA? Think again.

Lap of luxury

From the ruins of Angkor and a stone’s throw away from the former city’s temples, a luxurious shopping destination has emerged.

From shopping centre to exploratorium

An inside look at one of the most most profound rethinks of the shopping centre experience to be seen anywhere in the world.

From zero to launch

How a small Australian retailer is starting to see the light as it pushes to break into the lucrative US market.

Have we finally seen the light on beacons?

Are retailers and shopping centre operators utilising beacon technology in the most strategic and sensible manner to increase shopper engagement?

The Amazon effect

Retail property owners & Amazon’s bookstore rollout.


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