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What really happened after penalty rates were cut

Cuts to penalty rate were made with the promise of longer hours and more jobs. Here’s what really happened.

Poll: Which July 1 change will most impact your business?

We want to know what will impact your business the most.

FWC delivers minimum wage increase

Three per cent increase gives 2.2 million Aussies a larger pay-packet.

Abolishing the minimum wage

COMMENT: Consumers, casual readers and industry outsiders who are not actually directly impacted by the minimum wage like the idea of a minimum wage because it makes them feel good.

Minimum wage increase a “disaster”

Australia’s lowest paid to get an extra $24 per week.

An open letter to Sally McManus – secretary of the ACTU

Stuart Bennie isn’t happy with the suggestion of raising the minimum wage $50.

ACTU pushes for $50 minimum wage rise

Unions more than double claim for lowest paid workers.

More low-paid work is part of the problem, not the solution

Cutting living standards of the lowest-paid workers will not help fix the current economic malaise – in fact, it will make the situation worse.

The forgotten people of the election campaign

Both Coalition and Labor remain quiet on issues affecting the retail industry.

Minimum wage increase to hurt retailers

Independent retailers to be hardest hit by Fair Work Commission’s decision to lift minimum wages.