Melbourne to host Retail Customer Excellence Awards

RetailawardsAssociation and Communication Events, organisers of the RetailTECH X Conference, and Inside Retail, have joined forces to host The Retail Customer Excellence Awards, to be held in Melbourne on Wednesday May 11.

The awards will recognise Australian retailers who deliver customer centric experiences. “Customer centricity is all about putting the customers’ needs, desires and wants at the core of the business and tailoring the business around these areas, rather than serving up a platter of products and services that the business makes,” said the awards event manager, Catherine van der Meulen.

Featuring 16 categories, including the Customer Centricity Award and Personalisation Excellence Award, the awards showcase the achievements of retailers excelling in the industry, adding value and creating lasting and memorable experiences, according to van der Meulen.

“Retailers that are leading through innovation on multiple facets of their business inspire us and think for us, and so we need to ensure we are putting them on a pedestal, championing them and giving them recognition for excellence in the work that they are doing to make our lives easier, happier and more fulfilled,” she said. Innovation is at the heart beat of retail not just in product design and technology but innovation in business models of the future and progressive people landscape creating happy, fun and energetic work environments where people can thrive.

Harnessing innovation within retailers’ business models to create enjoyable work environments are at the core of the awards recognition. “Collaborate and connect are two words that we will hear a lot more of in the future as retailers and brands begin to merge into one space to harness each other’s assets and bring to life an explosion of entertaining, exciting and engaging experiences both on and offline,” said van der Meulen. “The awards will give recognition to those businesses that are excelling in the industry, adding value and creating lasting and memorable experiences.”

Winners of the top prize receive the mark of excellence, with the positioning of the award giving credibility, creating trust and authenticity to a brand culminating in improved ROI, said Booktopia CEO, Tony Nash. “Winning awards and displaying them on our site has brought a real and tangible return on investment with increase in conversion rates.”

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