Dennis Price Archives - Inside Retail

Five business lessons to live by

Dennis Price signs off from Inside Retail with five lessons for business and life.

Lessons from the supermarket giants – part 2

In part two of his series on supermarkets, Dennis Price looks at strategy.

4 pricing errors that will break your business

Dennis Price looks at the symptoms and common strategies of poor pricing practices.

RIP retail Australia (or not)

The problem with failure is that we run away and don’t confront it well enough to learn, says Dennis Price.

Rigidly defined uncertainty

Dennis Price puts forward his thinking on how meta-trends will define retail, marketing, and business.

The most important retail metric

The main retail metrics are driven by an underlying variable that we fail to account for, says Dennis Price.

Test your congruence with Kapow!

Dennis Price considers the implications of incongruence between brand message and offer.

Learnings from the world’s best CEO

Dennis Prices explains the success behind one of the world’s top CEOs.

Merchant mentality

Dennis Price discusses the key difference between a good retailer and an average retailer.

Have you read the signs?

Dennis Price provides a lesson on brand management.