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Digital assistants like Alexa and Siri might not be offering you the best deals

Your home digital assistant is always listening, but is it always offering you the best content?

Sambag becomes latest retail casualty

“Greedy” landlords and competitive conditions claim another retailer.

Data can’t save our department stores

Can someone explain how retailers that sit on some of the world’s richest sources of big data, fail to compete with those who, in some instances, have none?

From acorns to icons – lessons in change leadership

Brian Walker looks at the latest currencies in the new retail economy. takes on Alibaba

Chinese e-commerce rivals go head to head over competition restrictions.

Is business war?

Stuart Bennie defends his claim that business is war.

Aussie retailers falling behind online

Australian retailers need to pick up their game if they want to dominate the online sales market, a QUT academic says.

Supermarkets are competitive: ex-ACCC head

Introduction of international supermarket chains has “invigorated the sector”, says former watchdog.

Lessons in global competition

The way we think about competition isn’t helping us, says Peter James Ryan.

Competing on cost

We are a high cost market, and it’s time to embrace it, says Peter James Ryan.