Joya Touch 22, the ultimate self-shopping companion

(Source: Datalogic)

Datalogic’s newest model scanner the Joya Touch 22 opens up a world of opportunity for retailers by dramatically improving the shopping experience of their customers and freeing up staff from checkout duties. 

Dubbed “the ultimate self-shopping companion” the Joya Touch 22 guarantees a superior and personalised experience for self-shopping in any in-store retail environment. 

By deploying the Joya Touch 22, retailers can reduce the time their customers spend waiting in queues because when they finish shopping they can proceed straight to payment, without the need for checkout staff to scan each item manually. Datalogic estimates that a store with 100 devices deployed can free about five hours of customer-facing time at a traditional point-of-sale station, freeing staff to take up other in-store activities such as stock replenishment or assisting customers on the shop floor.

A major benefit for shoppers is that they don’t need to hold the device to scan items as they move through the store. Set to ‘presentation mode’ the Joya Touch 22 can be placed in the trolley holder and automatically scan items as they are added, offering hands-free scanning for shoppers.

Used in normal (not ‘presentation mode’), a state-of-the-art megapixel imager ensures improved near-field scanning performance, the perfect configuration for lightning-quick 1D/2D barcode capture on printed material or displayed on screens. 

Customised communication

Using the Joya Touch 22’s indoor localisation feature, retailers can customise communications to every customer, recommending products complementary to other items they have purchased, or based on previous shopping history – or by promoting unique discounts and promotions delivering instant savings. 

The notifications – and details of the products they scan – are displayed on a large 4.3-inch TFT-LCD screen with colour optimisation for enhanced readability tuned for indoor applications and protected with scratch-resistant and shatter-proof Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for everyday protection.

Research cited by Datalogic shows that self-shopping is proven to increase basket value by between 7 and 14 per cent, allowing retailers to enjoy additional revenues. 

With a rugged design to ensure everyday reliable operations, and built to support a wide range of operating temperatures, the Joya Touch 22 can withstand repeated drops onto steel or concrete surfaces from 1.2 metres. 

In-store efficiency boost

Beyond customer-facing applications, the software behind the Joya Touch 22 enhances in-store efficiency in areas such as shelf replenishment, inventory control, mark-downs, and price checks – all while reducing operational costs for the stores. 

Certified by leading independent self-shopping software vendors (ISVs) in the market the new scanner delivers top-class performance through a powerful Qualcomm processor running the Android operating system with Google Mobile Services which ensures compatibility with most retail applications, providing excellent connectivity and range. 

Wireless-charging technology protects retailers’ investment in the technology by decreasing the TCO by 15 per cent and the annual maintenance fee per scanner is reduced by 50 per cent compared with earlier model Datalogic devices. This way, a retailer with 100 devices deployed can save an average of $7000 a year in scanning operating costs.

Datalogic’s unique wireless charging technology eliminates all downtime related to damaged pins, minimising the requirement for device maintenance.

Another advantage of the unit for retailers is that it has backward compatibility with accessories used with previous models of Datalogic scanners, such as the Joya Touch or the Memor 1. Retailers that replace 100 devices with standard charging can save about $14,000 per replacement. 

Outstanding connectivity

In connectivity terms, the Joya Touch 22 offers outstanding performance, optimised for indoor retail environments where wireless networks are affected by various types of interference and obstacles. Wi-Fi, featuring 2×2 multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output technology – better known as MU-MIMO – allows for increased capacity, range, and efficiency. This allows the Joya Touch 22 to handle Wi-Fi intensive activities with multiple devices connected simultaneously, dramatically reducing the time each device waits for a signal and delivering near instant application response times.

The devices can be ordered in standard factory colours – or customised to match the retailer’s brand colour scheme. This helps the retailer enhance its brand identity and make it more visible while increasing customer loyalty.

The Joya Touch 22 is available in two forms: a pistol-grip version with a comfortable trigger and a handheld version resembling a smartphone. Users can change from one to the other with ease, adapting to different environments or uses.

Datalogic’s EaseOfCare Service Plans offer a wide range of service options to protect retailers’ investments, ensuring maximum productivity and return on investment. Meanwhile, Datalogic Shield provides timely Android security patches and OS upgrades – all included in the plan. 

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