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Mens biz front copyOnline grooming store, Men’s Biz, has launched into bricks and mortar retail, opening its first physical store this month in Melbourne’s Royal Arcade.

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Owner, Nathan Jancauskas, who founded the online business in 2006, said it was time for the brand to expand, and a physical presence will help the company drive online sales.

“We wanted a space that enabled people to touch, feel, and sample products,” he said.

“It’s quite difficult to sell things like colognes and shaving creams online, people really need to smell them, and sample them.

“It’s a really sharp looking store, but we’ve tried to gear it towards inviting guys into an environment where they feel comfortable shopping.”

Jancauskas told Inside Retail PREMIUM the 15sqm store has been designed as a “humble and approachable” haven for men of all ages, offering a space, with a sink for product demonstrations and sampling.

“We wanted a sink so people could lather up a shave cream, try it on their skin, and wash it off,” says Jancauskas.

“There is nothing like this where you can actually lather up a cream or try out a brush before you buy it, so we wanted to set that up.”

The physical store stocks 25 per cent of the Men’s Biz product range, and offers a click and collect service for customers to order online and pick up in store.

It also plans to host a range of instore educational demonstrations, including how to sharpen a straight razor, use a double edged razor, and select a cologne, says Jancauskas.

“It’s for the more niche skills that need to be shown face to face,” he said.

Men’s Biz has no immediate plans to open any further physical stores.

“We just have to see how this one goes, there’s nothing else like it, and to be honest I’m not sure how it’s going to go, whether guys will really embrace it I am yet to see.”

This article first appeared in Inside Retail PREMIUM issue 2003.

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