Aldi takes Union to court over misleading claims

Aldi has taken the Transport Workers Union to Federal Court, following what the supermarket claims is a string of false and misleading claims.

The TWU has made a number of claims toward Aldi, including that its drivers have faced harassment when they have raised concerns over fatigue with management, with one driver quoted as being told, “Everyone else is doing it. You are the only one with a problem.”

However, the supermarket has refuted these claims and said it will let the courts determine the matter.

“The TWU has made a series of allegations against Aldi,” an Aldi spokesperson told Inside Retail. “We say these allegations are false.”

According to the TWU, the supermarket’s alleged actions could have far-reaching consequences for those who raise concerns about safety in the workplace, environmental or rights abuses.

“Transport workers are sending a clear message to Aldi to take road safety seriously and make sure its transport workers, the transport workers in its supply chain, and other road users can return home to their families in one piece,” Nick McIntosh, TWU national assistant secretary, said in a statement to Aldi over the Christmas period.

“Coles and Woolworths have recognised their critical role in improving road safety. Aldi needs to stop attacking truck drivers and instead sit down in good faith and be part of the solution.”

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  1. peter post posted on May 9, 2019

    every time there is an accusation against Aldi-Coles or Woolies.are behimd it. Nobody complains about Woollies and coles stealing millions and billions of dollars thrue Poker machine outlets ,imagine Aldi would do that and the outcry,germans steal oure money ,but now its their own!

  2. peterpost posted on May 9, 2019

    im tired and sick of USA sanctions against "IRAN",today I bought some dates at aldi ,$3 for 2-3 kilograms whats left for the workers ,the price should be at least $10 and $2 handed on to the growers in Iran and workers ,I myself a fruitpicker know what work is and underpayment ,so sell them for more and hand on the money to the workers in Iran,fuck America!

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