10 most innovative e-commerce strategies


HointerThe following is not a definitive list, but as always, it is written to make you think.

In addition to these examples there are specific technological advances – particularly in mobile and in the payments space which are not covered here. (The bold phrases highlight the underlying eCommerce trend as I see it.)

  1. C-Wonder is setting the benchmark in customer experience. (Read my write up here.)
  2. Barneys is doing things with shoppable video ( Read my write up and comparison with David Jones here.)
  3. Hointer is a start up that uses instore robots. (Watch YouTube Video here). Just to make the point that eCommerce is not just internet.
  4. Adidas shows off its virtual wall – a few steps up from the supermarket on the train station.
  5. You could integrate with OpenSky and use the power of social networks.
  6. In the case of Mulu, (watch video here) you can beat them or you can join them.
  7. Of course, there is the local Shoes of Prey, which has taken personalisation to a whole new level; but there are others too – like Juicy Canvas.
  8. Warby Parker tackles the difficult category of eyewear, and taps into our social zeitgeist by donating a pair to someone in need for every pair sold.
  9. Everlane take pricing transparency to a whole new level.
  10. Birchbox is a pioneer in the area of subscription commerce.

In addition of course there are the well known concepts around flash sales, group buying etc, and I haven’t mentioned the power of Pinterest or Facebook (and other networks) in leveraging online sales – presuming these are well known.If you are thinking about embarking on this journey – a few high fives for you:

And finally, here is Trendhunter’s 42 online shopping innovations.

That should keep you busy for the next week…

Have fun


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  1. JuicyCanvas posted on November 25, 2013

    Thanks for the mention. Just wanted to let you folks know that JuicyCanvas is grass roots. And we need your support to get to the next level via our Indiegogo Campaign > http://JuicyCanvas.com/go Please contribute what you can in exchange for some very exclusive juicy products. Let's put a stop to zombie shopping. And start creating. Artur | CEO JuicyCanvas

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