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What actually are ‘essential services’ and who decides?

What is classified as essential, and who gets to decide?

What’s in store for supermarkets in 2020 and beyond

It’s farewell to collectables and hello to premium products in 2020.

Retail lifts in November on Black Friday’s shoulders

ARA warns December figures will likely be impacted by bushfires.

POLL: Did 2019 meet your expectations?

We want to hear your thoughts on the past year.

Divided we fall: Why retailers must speak with one voice

Retail businesses need one industry body to speak for them on crucial issues.

Businesses financially sound: RBA

Challenges in the retail sector not expected to impact banks.

Confidence in retail sector returns: Illion

Business owners and executives optimistic about trading conditions.

Poll: Is staff underpayment in retail really unintentional?

A third of payroll managers admit to having underpaid staff, but is it an accident?

Victoria – A positive growth story

Sponsored: Victoria offers several attractive benefits for retailers.

Average rent down in Victoria

But movement varied considerably across centres, Savills says.