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Honey, I shrunk the store

Why your local supermarket is getting smaller.

Australia’s vanishing stores

It’s not only online competition that’s impacting retailers.

Aussie retailers in for a bumpy ride

Specialist firm predicts many more homegrown brands to enter insolvency.

A radical solution for retail innovation

Most challenges can be overcome if we want to do it and we have the technology to do it.

Summary of main changes to NSW Retail Leases Act 1994

Part one of a series examining the ramifications for retailers when changes take effect tomorrow.

The SumoSalad syndrome

Resentment toward the ‘negotiation’ of retail lease renewals by tenants has been simmering for a long period of time.

Over inflated valuations are holding us back

Opinion: Bring on the accounting changes and bring in the new blood.

Have your say on retail leasing issues

Complete our reader survey now for our forthcoming 2016/17 Retail Property Development Guide.

Retail to be hit by proposed leasing changes

Regulation change to disclose lease obligations to hit retailers in the hip pocket.

Retail tenancy inquiry questioned

Senate inquiry recommends more proactive role for Federal Government in retail tenancy leasing.