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As we hear of more countries throughout the world coming out of lockdown, retailers are faced with new challenges as they cope to resume operations in this “new normal.”

Supermarkets, convenience stores and other retailers of daily necessities that remained open during the outbreak have a responsibility to their both customers and employees. Retailers who are back opening up will also need to consider the health concerns and other social distancing or occupancy regulations imposed. 

Sensormatic Solutions has created a Covid-19 toolkit for retailers that could help them jump-start their operations with a collection of technology offerings and solutions. An example of this offering is a temperature screening and video surveillance solution that has helped retailers in Hong Kong deal with the extraordinary demands of the pandemic. 

The implemented solution has helped a leading Japanese discount chain store and a traditional department store operator in the territory balance the health and operations aspects equally. The retailers need to screen everyone for elevated body temperatures accurately, efficiently and safely. They also benefit from data back-up and video recordings, in case tensions between shoppers lead to confrontations on their premises.

Sensormatic Solutions has met the needs of these retailers with thermal imaging cameras that:

  • Provide accurate real-time temperature readings with a variance of ±0.3℃ to ±0.5℃ (±0.5°F to ±0.9°F)  
  • Offer an added advantage over traditional temperature reading methods because they retain both the readings and video footage 
  • Comply with social distancing recommendations as they are contactless and can be positioned a safe distance (up to three meters) away from customers

This is a tried-and-tested technology that airports and checkpoints used during the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak in 2003.

“As a trusted and long-time partner of retailers, Sensormatic Solutions responded quickly to put together a set of solutions that can help retailers on the path of recovery. Retailers are heavily impacted by lockdowns, yet remains an important sector in all economies. With our Covid-19 toolkit, we aim to partner with retailers to accelerate the recovery process,” said Daren Ng, General Manager for Sensormatic Solutions, Asia Pacific.

Sensormatic Solutions Asia Pacific is actively engaging other retailers across the region to deploy this solution, alongside other solutions such as occupancy and hygiene solutions at their stores.

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