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Retailers rethink the future of the workplace

Businesses based in Victoria are anticipating a rise in remote working even after they’re allowed back in the office.

Five workplace trends that will shape life after lockdown

“People are realising they can work remote … that’s a huge opportunity.”

Culture is key to recovery

Determining the cultural attributes of the workforce necessary to get through this crisis is what will pave the way to eventual recovery.

Why every company needs a Chief Fun Officer

Organisations that provide an environment in which employees are able to have some fun are likely to have the last laugh.

Everyone wants meaning in their work - but how do you define it?

Everyone wants meaning in their work – but how do you define it?

Employers are more willing than ever to create meaningful workplaces.

7 ways to guide workplace behaviour

You need to act quickly to stamp out inappropriate behaviour. Here’s how.

Almost half of workers believe in four-day work week

78 per cent of survey respondents believe they can use their time more efficiently.

Mecca, L’Occitane named best places to work

Retailers feature on the annual workplace ranking.

Happiness at work doesn’t just depend on your employer

Research shows that employee happiness is also determined by their personalities.

Retail: Move over Jack And Jill?

Gone are the days where corporate benefited from low skill sets running a retail outlet.