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Toys R Us opens 100th Chinese store

Toy retailer celebrates ten years in China with hundredth store.

Toys R Us joins the hunt

Toys R Us launches augmented reality Easter hunt through store network.

Toys R Us fined

Toys R Us pays penalty of more than $10,000 for unsafe product.

Toys R Us under fire for drug dealer doll

Leading toy and baby products retailer under fire for selling doll complete with detachable sack of cash and bag of meth.

Fun and games for online toys

The past five years have been all fun and games for the online toy sales industry.

Fly away with Disney

Disney brands everything from Coles fruit to a Qantas plane for new film’s activation.

Spongebob now has a store

Cartoon network Nickelodeon opens first ever store in the heart of the Big Apple.