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Minimum wage rise ‘devastating’ for retailers

FWC’s decision has unions and businesses up in arms.

Delivery drones: swooping down to prey on our self-control

The dark side of instant gratification.

A shrinking talent pool

Now that the 457 visa program has been overhauled, businesses will find it more difficult to hire international candidates.

It’s time to bring your A-game

Highlights of the recent World Retail Congress in Dubai.

Are retailers ready for war?

Australian retailers need to prepare for when the unthinkable happens.

Baby come back: Do counter offers work?

“If you are seeing more than your fair share of turnover, it’s worth stopping and thinking why that might be the case.”

Amazon in Australia might not be the end of retail as we know it

Australian retail will kill itself if it doesn’t adapt to an ever changing consumer and focus on experience over price.

Business case for equality shows retail opportunity

Businesses that fail to meet the needs of their diverse customers are missing out on sales and customer loyalty, study shows.

Preview: Inside Retail Weekly 2123

A sneak peek at what’s featured in this week’s issue of Inside Retail Weekly.

Boxing Day sales hit the mark for retailers

Retailers pleased as crowds flock to shopping centres and department stores across the country.