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Penalty rate cuts to sap workers’ wages

Pharmacy and retail workers could be up to $4800 worse off a year.

What really happened after penalty rates were cut

Cuts to penalty rate were made with the promise of longer hours and more jobs. Here’s what really happened.

Are you ready for casual penalty rates to increase?

How to prep for the next stage of penalty rate increases on October 1.

Poll: Which July 1 change will most impact your business?

We want to know what will impact your business the most.

Why cutting penalty rates hasn’t created jobs

Two years on, what has happened with penalty rates?

Easter puts penalty rates back in the spotlight

Labor Party reaffirms pledge to overturn 2017 FWC decision over long weekend.

Union slams penalty rates cut

Approximately 700,000 workers are on the sharp end of a 10 to 15 per cent cut to their Sunday penalty rates.

NRA: Labor’s attempt to overturn penalty rates a “desperate political stunt”

Opposition introduces bill to reverse penalty cuts.

The hypocrisy of the minimum wage

Dennis Price examines the wages debate.

Penalty rate cuts linked to lower spend

Report finds correlation between reduced pay and a fall in overall consumer spending.