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Business warns of $400 billion virus economic hit

A six-month recovery plan from coronavirus measures would cost Australia’s economy more than $400 billion, modelling by the Business Council of Australia shows.

2020 to be “a dismal year for the economy”: The Conversation

2020 is shaping up as a dismal year for the economy, with no progress on many of the key measures that matter for Australians.

Record-low interest rates aim to boost spending

Industry body hopes third cut will do the trick that other policy changes have not.

Economy-wide spending continues to grow

Consumers have continued to spend despite modest wage growth.

Steady interest rate to boost economy

The RBA holds interest rate steady for 24th consecutive month.

Victoria now Australia’s top performing economy

Victoria unseats New South Wales as country’s top performing economy.

Economy-wide spending growth slows in May

Monthly spending trend falls, though investor confidence remains high.

Retail sales to pick up, but profit to be harder to come by

Retail relief on the way, economists say.

GDP, falling petrol prices lift confidence

Consumer confidence recovers from two weeks of falls.

Australia’s stubborn growth problems are moving at a geologic pace

Unfortunately for the RBA, the health of the economy is not measured on the geologic time scale.