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Cryptocurrency e-commerce store launches

Entrepreneur bets on long-term future of digital currencies.

Bitcoin firm reprimanded by ASIC

Bitcoin producer ordered to stop seeking social media support for potential share market listing.

Investors caught in Bitcoin scam

Bitcoin trading company falls victim to alleged scam costing almost $500 million.

Webjet accepts bitcoin

Webjet Exclusives the first Australian online travel agency to accept bitcoin.

PayPal embraces bitcoin

North American merchants selling digital products can now accept bitcoin as payment through PayPal.

Australia’s first bitcoin debit card

Australian startup aims to bridge gap between digital currency and traditional payment methods.

Bangladesh against bitcoin

Trading in Bitcoin ruled a jailable offence in Bangladesh.

Bitcoin as payment for Aussie retailers

Point of sale software provider launches Bitcoin integration for Australian businesses.

UK shop to exchange bitcoin for goods

CeX says trial will offer an opportunity to show the country can manage without the pound.

Bitcoin ATM launches

Westfield becomes home to Australia’s first bitcoin ATM.