Fashion station revisiting history

A struggling “fashion station” in Melbourne is revisiting history, with the CBD centre deciding to go back to its outlet centre roots just three years are it canned the model.

Another international retailer is targeting Perth, with a children’s brand from Asia earmarking the booming city for its limited expansion in the country.

Also in this week’s digital weekly, there’s movement in Melbourne, with a gourmet burger chain signing the lease on its third store, and a kosher bagel icon expanding into Sydney.

A large pharmacy chain is moving away from beauty as behemoths like Woolworths enter the space, and a small-time instrument store from Canberra thinks it’s playing a good tune.

Jon Bird has a fascinating read this week comparing Burberry’s flagship with market stalls in Europe, with the regular columnist coming up with his own principles of market retail off the back of this.

In other news, Barbie is facing a backlash, a chocolate innovator is set to receive a cash sweetener, and a Chinese retailer is seeing success from a little waving cat.

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