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Richard Wynn


Australia’s got talent

After all these years, it is finally time to unearth the hidden retail talent in our own backyard.

Up close and personal with Santa Claus

How to build a global brand like Santa Claus.

The attitude adjustment

Why you need to stop hiring on the basis of candidates’ skills but on their attitude and cultural fit.

Why customers don’t come first

If you want happy customers, you need happy staff.

The clean slate – how to start afresh

Turning around a toxic work culture is one of the toughest things a retail exec can undertake in a business.

Purpose: the retail recruitment superpower

Candidates are looking beyond attractive salary packages.

A shrinking talent pool

Now that the 457 visa program has been overhauled, businesses will find it more difficult to hire international candidates.

Baby come back: Do counter offers work?

“If you are seeing more than your fair share of turnover, it’s worth stopping and thinking why that might be the case.”

Show me the values

The challenge for retailers comes when there’s a disconnect between what values are posted on the staffroom wall and the reality.

Tenure is not an investment in your career

Many in Australian retail still confuse tenure with experience.

A focus on talent in 2017

Could an injection of talent be what’s required to lead to growth in an ever-changing and challenging retail environment?

Do you lead, or do you demonstrate true leadership?

It’s only by taking a ‘look under the bonnet’ that you can know what’s wrong with a business and how to fix it.

I’m in retail, is an MBA really worth it?

Is having postgraduate qualifications a necessity or a ‘nice to have’ for retail executives?

Hybrid recruitment and retail

How does an organisation best determine the talent needed in the business today, and what will be needed by the business in future?

All paths lead to retail

Why retail is now a very viable career path and not merely something young people ‘fall into’.

Challenging the status quo in recruitment

Does challenging the status quo on recruitment in retail lead to better outcomes for business?

Recruiting for an omnichannel retail world

How to find the best candidates to meet the demands of omnichannel retail.

Retail executive salaries to remain flat

A look at how retail executive salaries are expected to be impacted by changing market conditions in the coming year.

Employee value proposition and recruiting

Why your employee value proposition could be the difference between you securing or losing top talent.

The ‘election effect’ and retail

Is election season 2016 having an impact on the retail industry?


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