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Australians flock to gig economy for work

Gig workers praise flexibility, but aren’t satisfied with income.

Retail giants among the top companies to work for in Australia

Amazon, Woolworths and Wesfarmers make the list.

Labor Party seeks to redefine the rights of casual employees

Redefinition could strip industry of the protections already in place.

Ensuring performance targets don’t drive bad behaviour

Performance pressure can lead to the taking of short cuts and poor behavior.

How to be a better leader – according to science

A look at how leadership behaviours and attitudes are diffused throughout the whole organisation.

Our people aren’t stupid

In a world preoccupied with performance at all costs, the language of ‘staff loyalty’ does not fit.

Retail internships for youths on welfare

Government and retail industry strike deal.

Three charts on: how part-time work is growing more slowly, but more men are doing it

The pattern of slowing growth in part-time employment is a long-term phenomenon.

You can smell retail death

One can spot stores that will be closing before not too long.

Woolworths to bolster Indigenous workforce

Woolies to hire 1600 indigenous workers under new employment initiative.