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Beautiful people don’t always win in the workplace

In the age of authenticity, beauty may be losing its cache.

Employing people with disability: “It makes good business sense”

New toolkit supports employers who hire people with disability.

Myer axes 30 management roles

Roles cut to reduce costs and barriers between staff and customers.

Nike to boost company salaries

Footwear company to raise salaries of 10 per cent of staff.

The missing ingredient in retailers’ digital transformations

It’s no good having a one-click checkout if your distribution centre system is prehistoric.

7-Eleven in fresh wages scandal

Convenience chain still unable to extricate itself from staff exploitation scandal.

Study finds shopfloor employees left wanting

Shopfloor employees ‘feeling redundant’ in face of technology.

Petrol station operator cautioned

Fair Work Ombudsman warns petrol station operator over short changing employees.

Penalty rate cut to hurt regional workers

Rural communities to be hit hardest by possible reduction in penalty rates for retail workers, study finds.

What about the staff?

Brian Walker wonders why people and employees are never mentioned in business strategy plans.