Revitalising retail: the power of digital signage and kiosk technology

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The retail industry has undergone a major shift in recent years, as customers’ expectations and habits have changed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the return to bricks-and-mortar shopping, retailers are seeking new ways to connect with consumers in a personalised and tailored way.

Enter digital signage and kiosks, which are transforming the in-store experience and helping retailers deliver a customer experience that matches consumers’ online shopping expectations.

Many retailers are using digital technology to invest in experiential retail, to entice people back into stores, where they can engage and entertain them, giving them a reason to stay beyond the time it takes to buy something.

Digital signs and screens provide a powerful and engaging way for retailers to display ads, videos, and traditional store signs. These high-tech displays can highlight new product releases, share product information, provide real-time offers, facilitate self-service pickups and endless aisles, and upsell and cross-sell. 

Interactive displays can tell the story of a brand, generating loyalty and drawing customers into the store. By deploying digital signage, retailers have the flexibility to change messages in real-time, dramatically influencing sales and increasing basket size. 

The platform behind in-store signage must be robust, and using ChromeOS to power in-store digital executions is a simple and scalable solution, bringing flexibility and agility to store solutions in real time without the crashes and failures of legacy systems.

Now more than ever, business decisions count. Whether through kiosks or signage, digital engagement in stores is key to helping retailers deliver in-store experiences and convenience that match consumers’ online shopping expectations. This will be the key to success offline in the future.

Thinking about going digital? Here are some quick tips:

  • Personalisation is key to engagement – giving customers a reason to come in-store and stay for more than just making a transaction is critical.
  • Digital signage provides flexibility and the ability to change a message in real time which can dramatically influence sales and increase basket size.
  • Retailers should adopt an omnichannel approach, so that online and offline do not compete but work together to complement each other and drive customer engagement.
  • Using ChromeOS to power in-store digital executions makes it simple and scalable, bringing flexibility and agility to store solutions, all in real time and without the crashes and failures of legacy systems. 

To learn more about how to elevate your in-store customer experience get in touch with the Chrome team for a chat.