The next level of virtual try-on fashion

Don’t trust the size guide? You don’t need to anymore…

As bricks and mortar retailing returns to pre-pandemic rates, business owners are left to question whether the traditional in-store experience suffices in this new, convenience-driven consumer world. 

Traditional fitting rooms, once considered a staple amongst shoppers, are slowly being phased out as smart mirrors and virtual TryOn evolves from novelty to necessity. 

On the forefront of the shift, is Australian technology provider ShopExp; a solution provider focussed on enhancing the retail shopping experience by giving physical stores the advantage of online and online stores the advantage of physical. 

ShopExp’s product suite includes SmartMirrors for in-store contactless TryOn and virtual fitting rooms, designed to take the guesswork out of online shopping.

Recently, ShopExp have set their sights on a key consumer pain point: fit recommendations. 

Virtual fitting rooms are an innovative technology that allows customers to virtually try on clothing without having to be there physically. Additionally, they eliminate the need for traditional fitting rooms which are potential hubs for community transmission. This technology has been developing for years, but thanks to the recent pandemic it is no longer a consumer luxury, it is an essential tool for retailers to retain revenue.

With the aim of “Enhancing the retail shopping experience by giving physical stores the advantage of online and online stores the advantage of physical”. ShopExp is taking their innovative technology to the next level, launching size and fit recommendations for clothing. 

This is an addition to the company’s existing virtual TryOn technology and Smart mirrors. Fit recommendations can work both on their Smart mirrors and online websites and apps. The collaboration of their smart mirrors and the size and fit recommendations provide a Covid friendly solution to in-store shopping. While the Virtual TryOn provides online shoppers the same convenience of finding their size in store.

The prohibition of in-person shopping has deterred many consumers. Being able to get accurate size and fit recommendations based on advanced AI technology, rather than taking a shot in the dark will immensely increase buying confidence amongst shoppers. Enhancing the customer experience and increasing the chance of a sale. While reducing both the economic and environmental cost of returns.

Refunds are an enormous cost to both retailers and the environment. Australian Circular Fashion Association reported that around 30 per cent of all online clothing purchases in Australia are returned. The leading reason for return being wrong sizing. The large majority of these returns end up in landfill. With only around 10 per cent of this stock being eligible for resale according to a study by Oporto. This hinders greatly our war on waste.

The world of fashion retail has been digitally transforming for a long time. With fashion sales accounting for 27 per cent of the market in 2019 according to Australia Post. But as we saw in the previous year, fashion retail went almost entirely online. An overwhelming time for businesses, but a period of progression. Many retailers have made improvements and are now operating digitally at full speed. This has seen predicted e-commerce sales skyrocket, with an anticipated growth of 265 per cent for the global market in 2021.  

Unlike the anticipated end to this pandemic, Virtual TryOn technology will be sticking around. The online fashion market is predicted to grow much larger and so will our defense systems against future global crises. This technology will soon be a household item for retailers. Virtual fitting rooms are the future of fashion retailing both online and in-store. 

ShopExp is helping retailers adapt to the new age of retail with their range of products and digital services including; Instore smart mirrors, online virtual tryon, 3D model viewer, personalised catalogue and Find my fit.Go to to request a demo today.