A new way to eat vegetables


ebara-detailA Japanese vegetable seasoning brand is targeting children with a marketing concept inside an amusement park.

Ebara’s ‘Funfair In Your Mouth’ attraction aimed to make vegetables fun for children via a virtual reality game.

“We’ve invented a virtual reality device that triggers illusions in your brain with bone conduction technology,” says Ebara agency, Leo Burnett Tokyo.

When children bit into an Ebara-soaked cucumber or carrot stick, they experience sensations via a connected vibration conductor.

Sensations are linked to a game and mimic things like a dinosaur roaring, fireworks exploding, or roller coaster sounds.

“The brain perceives the conduction, transferred via the teeth and tongue, as a sound signal.”


Ebara Foods launched the game after realising its sales were slipping with younger generation families.

“[It] wanted to engage new mum’s attention to the fact that Ebara’s sauce can make vegetables more delicious.”

“This encouraged kids to put the vegetables they hate inside their mouths.

“Parents feedback was very positive to have their kids enjoying vegetables in a fun way.”

Funfair In Your Mouth received 90,000 visits in two days.

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