Lunch in 45 seconds


john-west-tunaJohn West Tuna is targeting busy office workers with a large scale marketing campaign at their place of work.

The brand has distributed 50,000 units to 22 office tower foyers in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

The direct marketing campaign features the Simplot brand’s new meal solution, Tuna & Rice.

Tuna & Rice is marketed as a complete ‘on the go’ meal that takes 45 seconds to heat up in a microwave.

Stuart Sterling, group marketing manager of Simplot Australia, says the product is designed to challenge consumers’ perceptions of tinned fish.

“Our research showed that consumers [enjoy tinned tuna but] struggle with ways to consume it outside of the typical tuna sandwich for lunch.

“The John West Tuna & Rice range provides a new format in delicious, healthy lunch options.”

Stacey Lowther, brand manager at Simplot, told Inside Shopper the new product aims to target busy but health conscious Australians.

“Concept testing indicates that this range appeals to a relatively young target market, with those mostly like to purchase aged between 25 and 34.

“They are more likely to be young or small families.

“They have busy lifestyles but are still unwilling to compromise on nutritional credentials.”

Targeting busy Australians

John West isn’t the only standalone brand that has released broader meal options in the last 12 months.

For instance, Arnott’s engaged in a supermarket campaign last year that positioned its biscuits as an alternative to lunchtime sandwiches.

Supermarket majors Coles and Woolworths are also noticeably ramping up their homebrand meal bases and packaged produce, such as pre-sliced stirfry vegetable packs.

IGA is also targeting this group, with its new Xpress stores offering various meal solutions for time poor Sydney shoppers.

Lowther says consumers are “actively seeking out food options that are both healthy and convenient, in particular for lunch and snacking occasions,”

“This is due to increasingly on the go lifestyles coupled with a growing unwillingness to compromise on nutrition credentials.”

Simplot is engaging in above the line and grocery shopper marketing, along with its sampling in office towers.

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