Rendr’s quest to be the ultimate retail delivery solution

Nailing delivery is often the make-or-break moment for an online retailer. If the customer has had a good shopping experience – but then has an awful delivery experience – chances are they won’t shop with that brand again. 

With more Australians shopping online than ever before and, depending on movement restrictions, often unable to safely go shopping themselves, having a reliable and flexible delivery solution has become more important than ever.

Rendr is about giving an all-around great experience, by offering both the merchant and consumer convenience and certainty.

With the backing of Ahmed Fahour, Non Executive Chairman of Hairhouse, Steven Lew, Founder and Executive Chairman of Global Retail Brands, and chaired by John Stanhope, former chairman of Australia Post, Rendr is working hard to present a holistic approach to delivery – not just last mile, but long-distance freight and warehouse-to-store options – seven days a week, nationwide. 

“We built this technology integrating major professional freight companies, whether they’re same-day couriers, express couriers or long-haul carriers,” said Rendr Chief Executive and Managing Director Sonney Roth.

“We can deliver any size, and any value, because we’ve integrated everything – from a bike to a semi-trailer. We’re trying to disrupt the last-mile delivery industry with the right technology, and the right drivers under the right awards.”

What started as an on-demand delivery service for home and hardware has now grown to take on delivery needs for the rest of the retail industry. 

The technology is scalable across a number of business types as well, Roth explains, Rendr’s ‘fast, flexible and standard delivery’ shipping technology pairs the customer’s information with data about the products they want and when they want it delivered, giving the customer the best available delivery cost, paired with the certainty of when the product will be at their doorstep. 

This way, Rendr’s technology can be used to send packages of many sizes – from a dining set to a dining table. 

And, unlike its competitors, Rendr doesn’t use crowdsourced drivers: instead of matching its clients with a network of professional delivery personnel in order to bring the right ingredients together for each delivery. 

But Rendr doesn’t just offer a delivery platform. The business also offers a full–scale online marketplace through which customers have another way to shop its clients’ products, and which integrates retailers’ platforms into one place. 

And while expansion into New Zealand, the US, and the UK are on the cards – with New Zealand particularly close – Roth’s focus is on getting the business right in their “own backyard” first.

Part of this is expanding the business into third-party logistics and a B2B freight solution, an expansion that will be driven by an upcoming Series B funding. While another part is a partnership with Latitude to provide a “deliver now, pay later” service for customers.

“We’ve talked to companies that don’t like their provider, and while it’s a bit outside the square [of what Rendr does],” Roth said, “if we can do pick, pack, scan, and storage of containers and stock, and then add in the two-hour same-day or overnight delivery, why wouldn’t we?”