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Peter Firth


Brand blurring and the role of repertoire

Four insights to being a strong player in the game of repertoire, by Peter Firth.

Get inside their heads

Peter Firth demystifies shopper insights and identifies four steps to understanding this information.

How we will shop in 2015

Fuelled by the rise in retail spending in September, Peter Firth identifies what will keep momentum firing in 2015.

The shopper selfie

Peter Firth reveals how to identify influential touch points on the individual path to purchase.

Mastering a mobile centric world

A responsive mobile site is no substitute for genuinely consumer centric planning, says Peter Firth.

Closing the e-commerce gap

TNS’ Peter Firth looks at how to encourage online shoppers to stop browsing and start buying.

Stop disrupting shoppers

Shoppers are simply blind to anything irrelevant. It’s time to overhaul the grocery shelf, says Peter Firth.

First impressions count

Six steps to packaging products for sales success.

Top five trends for 2014

Peter Firth shares five shopper trends that retailers should adopt in 2014.

Debunking shopper myths

Peter Firth looks at three common myths around the instore navigation process.

Happy shoppers spend more

Peter Firth outlines three ways retailers and brands can make their shoppers happier.


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