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Private sector workers worse off: study

The Centre For Future Work found private sector workers could be thousands of dollars worse off under employer-proposed work law reform.

How remote working can increase stress and reduce well-being

Many workers appreciate the flexibility, but is it doing more harm than good?

Aussie workers value flexible policies over salary

Money not top of mind for Aussie workers.

Preparing for massive job disruption

Automation will have an enormous impact on the way people work, and experts say hardly anyone is adequately prepared for it.

ACTU pushes for $50 minimum wage rise

Unions more than double claim for lowest paid workers.

Oxfam: Retail gain, poverty pain

Charity firm hits out at leading brands turning over billions of dollars.

Report: Poverty the real cost of Aussie fashion

Workers trapped in ‘cycle of poverty’ despite booming fashion sector.

Who really bears the penalty in the penalty rates decision?

Retail and hospitality employers need to sell the idea of flexibility of hours worked as an advantage of employment and not a disadvantage.

Fast food chains lose foreign workers deal

Government announcement signals the first time an entire sector has been banned from using visas.

Penalty rates decision handed down

Fair Work Commission cuts down Sunday Penalty rates.