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“Thieves are becoming more brazen”: Shoplifting on the rise, survey finds

Retailers lost $3.37 billion due to crime in FY18.

More than 100 shoplifters arrested in Sydney

Police recover more than $17,300 worth of stolen goods.

Industry group backs bag checks to stop shoplifting

New law makes it easier for retailers to physically inspect customers’ bags.

Amplify risk to reduce shoplifting

Concept of ‘risk amplification’ identified as most effective shoplifting deterrent method.

Shoplifting and employee theft hurting retail

Theft costing Australian retailers A$2.7 billion per year.

Real time app to tackle shoplifters

New app to deter shoplifters and organised retail crime.

Employees highlight security concerns

Almost one in four employees say their company could be doing more to prevent robbery, theft, and assaults at work.

Shoplifting crackdown

NSW police target shoplifters during weekend operation.

Safe as houses

Arming your retail business against shrinkage has entered the 21st century.

‘Mindboggling’ luxury goods haul

Sydney police close in on gang selling shoplifted highend clothing.