Real time app to tackle shoplifters

checkpoint appCheckpoint Systems today announced Evolve-Store, a real time app for smartphones and tablets that allows retailers to respond promptly to theft-related threats in store.

The app was developed in response to retail customer requests for an easy means of ensuring that store associates comply with store shoplifting policies and have Radio Frequency Electronic Article Surveillance (RF EAS) systems always turned on and operating properly.

The Evolve-Store app enables retailers to measure policy compliance by managing response times to alarm events and visibility of theft-related events affecting the store. The app also provides real time visibility of the number of shoppers in store.

Checkpoint says the system, which is available now, will deter opportunistic shoplifters and organised retail crime, reducing shrink and increasing shelf availability, sales and profit. This, is turn, improves staff confidence and engagement with EAS program, ensuring a significant improvement on the return on investment.

Additional popular features include a staff panic alert to request help from associates; an EAS night-save feature to save power when the store is closed; the ability to test, mute or disable EAS systems; and multi-user logins for each smart device.

“Technology should make life easier for both consumers and retailers,” said Mark Gentle, vice president Asia Pacific, Checkpoint Systems.


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