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“This is about working together”: Retail associations, shopping centres propose leasing code of conduct

Code lays out various options for rent relief, does not lease terminations by tenants.

NSW steps up to provide protection against retail evictions

State Government can step in until a national approach is decided upon.

Pitt Street rent growth outpaces global rivals

Pitt Street Mall saw a 17.9 per cent average rent increase over last year.

Average rent down in Victoria

But movement varied considerably across centres, Savills says.

High rents under pressure

Almost one-quarter of retailers say they plan to reduce their floor space in a bid to keep the cost of rent down.

Hong Kong pips NYC as home to most expensive high street in the world

Pitt Street Mall is the world’s 7th most expensive retail precinct.

Australia’s vanishing stores

It’s not only online competition that’s impacting retailers.

Sales, rents rise at Westfield

Westfield centre sales climb with rent increases not far behind.

Pharmacies must change turnover figures

Pharmacy owners should avoid including PBS dispensary sales when reporting turnover figures to landlords, says expert.

Distress for rent

Retail lawyer, Peter Window, looks at the tricky issue of when a landlord can lawfully seize a tenant’s goods.