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Protests in France disrupt retail in crucial shopping period

Retailers have lost over $1.5 billion in revenue since protests started: FCD.

‘Buycott’ – new term, old idea but more scary than ever

Contemporary technology makes generating a Buycott a frighteningly easy to create and very difficult to undo phenomenon.

‘Santas’ protest Boxing Day changes

Unionists protest proposed changes to Boxing Day trade.

Woolies workers protest over casual labour hire

Two hundred Woolworths workers block off Melbourne DC in dispute over casual labour hire.

McDonald’s hits back at critics

Global food chain hits back at critics on issues of worker pay and marketing to children.

Maccas drops protester action

A group of Melbourne protesters against a new McDonald’s in their town vow to fight on after the chains drops damages suit.

McDonald’s protester forced to mediate

Victoria’s highest court judge tells group of “aggressive” anti-McDonald’s protesters they must seek mediation.

McDonald’s protesters hit US

A group of anti-McDonald’s protesters have travelled to the US to seek a meeting with the global chain’s head.

McDonalds protester arrested

Local protester removed from roof of proposed McDonald’s site in Victoria.

Santas march against Boxing Day trade

Santas to lead protest against plans for more Boxing Day trade.