McDonald’s protesters hit US


McDonald'sAnti-McDonald’s protesters from Melbourne are confident of getting a meeting with McDonald’s CEO, Don Thompson, after a rally in the US attracted local media attention.

The No Maccas in the Hills group inflated about 30 kangaroos at a Chicago McDonald’s as part of their fight block the company from building a fast food restaurant in Tecoma on Melbourne’s eastern outskirts.

Garry Muratore, a spokesman for the group, said the rally attracted a lot of attention.

“We were talking to the media guys there and they think Don will take notice when he sees it on Chicago media,” Muratore told Channel Nine.

“I think they’ll open the doors and talk to us.”

The rally attracted radio and newspaper coverage, he said.

A half page advertisement will run in The Chicago Tribune on Wednesday, US time, the day the Tecoma group plans to present a petition with 94,000 signatures to McDonald’s head office.

The newspaper ad and the mission to the US was crowd-funded by donations from people who signed the petition.

A total of $40,000 was raised.

Muratore said the group wanted to talk to Thompson about corporate accountability.

“The local council said no, 92 per cent of our community said no, they’ve taken it to the courts, they’re suing community members, it’s time he looked hard at what this is doing,” Muratore said.

“We’ve certainly become the little town that roared.”



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  1. Clunking Fist posted on September 17, 2013

    "A total of $40,000 was raised." That's crazy, surely they should be using that capital to fund a chain of organic tofu restaurants, not spending it on co2 polluting flights! Greenies: the ends justify the means/the fun is in the fight/lets not get real jobs.

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