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Business and retailers breathe a sigh of relief

What the unexpected election result means for the industry.

Coalition victory gets thumbs up from retailers

Industry associations welcome business-friendly policies.

Election result heralds challenges for retail

Opinion: Regardless of election result, problems ahead for retailers.

The ‘election effect’ and retail

Is election season 2016 having an impact on the retail industry?

Keep calm and keep shopping – how elections impact retail sales

Do elections really impact retail sales?

Consumer confidence hits five month low

The post election glow has worn off, with consumer sentiment slumping to a five month low.

New hope under new Government

Retailers hoping a Coalition Government will bring greater benefits to the sector.

Business expectations flat

Australian businesses do not view federal election as springboard for the economy, says report.

Rudd calls election

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd confirms election date.

Dollar falls from high

Dollar drops amid renewed worries about the US.