A guide to choosing the right security solution for your retail business

Security cameras and access control systems are a vital layer of protection that all retailers should consider when it comes to store loss prevention strategies.

Retail video security cameras: Working 24/7, IP security cameras capture video that helps security teams ensure employee safety, prevent theft and assist with liability claims. 

On-premise or cloud-based security cameras: You can choose between two types of security camera systems: an on-premise system and a cloud-based system.

On-premise security camera system:

  • Hosted and managed on-site so your business has full control over your solution.
  • A reliable solution that isn’t dependent on a strong internet connection.
  • There are no recurring subscription fees.

Cloud-based security camera system:

  • Cloud-based security cameras can be managed and accessed from anywhere, anytime.
  • Lower upfront costs as there isn’t a need to purchase storage hardware.
  • Software updates can be carried out automatically.
  • A scalable solution that evolves as your business grows.

Top features of retail security cameras

High-resolution video: Delivers clarity and greater certainty, especially when fine detail is required for the visibility of small objects.

AI analytics: By using AI in cameras to detect threats and suspicious behaviour, retail security teams can instantly respond to events.

Low-light capabilities: Infrared or low-light technology in cameras enables operators to view video in dark settings.

Vandal-proof and weather-resistant: These cameras are designed to withstand direct blows and possess IP66/67 ratings to protect them against bad weather conditions.

Mobile device alerts: Security personnel can receive alerts on their phone for irregularities or incidents in the store.

Retail access control systems

Investing in a retail access control solution can help store owners better manage access. Below are some examples of effective access control systems

RFID-based access control: To activate these locks, employees simply hold an authorised card or fob near the reader. 

Mobile access control: Authorised individuals can simply use their mobile devices to gain access. 

Biometric access control: Biometric readers can provide access to authorised individuals by scanning their fingerprints or carrying out a retinal scan. 

On-premise or cloud-based access control

Most access control systems can be divided into two categories – an on-premise solution or cloud-based.

The key differentiator between these two options is that on-premise access control is hosted on-site. In contrast, cloud-based solutions are hosted on a remote service – allowing you to manage access events from anywhere, anytime. Each solution has its benefits, and choosing which is right for your retail business depends on multiple factors, such as on-site capacity, financial considerations, scalability and more. 

Why choose Avigilon

Avigilon is your go-to partner for powerful video security and access control systems that can help solve your retail security challenges. 

Avigilon Unity on-premise security

Avigilon Unity is an AI-powered on-premise physical security platform that integrates video security, access control and flexible cloud management into one centralised and scalable solution. 

  • Easy-to-use, AI-enabled video management interface that highlights the most important security information at your sites.
  • Innovative access control system that links access events with video.
  • Recognise what is happening at your sites with AI analytics to make critical decisions.

Avigilon Alta cloud-native security

Avigilon Alta is a cloud-based security platform that empowers you to control your security from anywhere. 

  • Deploy a fully cloud-native security system, or connect Alta with your existing cameras and readers to modernise them with intelligent cloud capabilities. 
  • Secured with end-to-end encryption, the 100 per cent serverless solution increases operational flexibility for any number of sites.
  • A future-proof solution that protects your assets now and tomorrow.

Explore Avigilon’s video security and access control portfolio.

Retail security checklists

Use this handy checklist to build a retail security system that will help keep your business safe and secure.

Security cameras checklist

  • Confirm your budget.
  • Identify the areas of your retail store that require video security cameras.
  • Decide if an on-premise or cloud-based solution works best for your business.
  • Select the best camera type for each area of your store that requires a security camera. 
  • Confirm your video security system integrates with access control and alarm systems.

Access control system checklist

  • Confirm your budget.
  • Does an RFID-based system suit your store best or does a cloud-based mobile solution? Does it integrate with other security systems?
  • Identify security checkpoints that require access control.
  • Ensure your access control solution, particularly door locks, meets fire and safety regulations.