How well do you know the ‘pandemic’ shopper?

As consumer and shopper behaviour continues to change and evolve during the current pandemic, so does their path to purchase. The evolving landscape and ‘lockdown life’ in Australia have changed the way we once used to shop.  As we adapt and change, so do our expectations of an omnichannel experience in-store and online – the balance of power has shifted from retailers and manufacturers to the shopper. The brands and retailers that respond to their shopper needs, especially during the current pandemic will be the winners.

Successful brands and retailers need to be able to differentiate their customer types and quantify their sales contributions to prioritise initiatives. Through understanding the factors influencing or disrupting shopper behaviour, both manufacturers and retailers can more confidently adapt their strategies to better address specific needs and influence shopping behaviours.

How to move ahead and stay there

Longitudinal purchasing information from Australia’s largest shopper panel provides one of the most powerful resources for developing a deeper understanding of who your shoppers are, how they shop, and what’s important to them. IRI technologies enable us to efficiently mine the ongoing purchases of 13,000 households and classify shoppers based on specific purchasing behaviours.  

Given a large proportion of shopping behaviour is often unconscious, carefully designed IRI Shopper Panel surveys provide the ability to understand the reasons behind verified purchase behaviours such as Heavy/Medium/Light and New/Lapsed/ Retained purchasing through the reasons driving new product trial and rejection.  

Analysis of purchasing behaviours can be further enriched by integrating the values, opinions, and attitudes of these key shopper groups to overcome the universal challenge of shopper research – that what shoppers say they do is not always what they actually do.  

The ability to interact with actual brand and category buyers via the IRI Shopper Panel provides clear visibility of a brand’s competitive advantages and key vulnerabilities through uncovering the product attributes that are most important to shoppers – be it packaging, ingredients/formulation, flavour, provenance, etc – and how your brand performs against these multiple attributes. 

This vital understanding of attribute importance and performance across those shopper groups — you must retain, or need to win — provides the ability to confidently improve product propositions, inform packaging and new product development and to ultimately authentically communicate with shoppers to grow mental availability. 

Get to know your shopper with our help

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