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Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 10.28.32 amWesfarmers CEO, Richard Goyder, was in full flight earlier this week when he weaved into his American Chamber of Commerce in Australia address a dig at overseas retailers and whether or not they are paying their fair share of tax. Our lead story this week weighs in on the issue of levelling the playing field on corporate tax.

We also delve into a recent Oracle research report that suggests Australian retailers aren’t fully capitalising on mobile, click and collect, and video. 76 per cent of Australians believe retailers must adopt new technologies to make their shopping experiences more convenient, so why aren’t they?

And on the subject of capitalising on mobile, in this issue we also look at how retailers have received a new app-based, centre-wide customer loyalty program rolled out by Retail First.


Elsewhere in Inside Retail PREMIUM this week, we look at the success of Carpet Call’s new “modular” franchises; Woolworths’ return to telecommunications; Post pop-up retail; and the launch of the 2015 Inside Retail World Retail Congress delegation. 

You’ll find all of this, and much more, in Inside Retail PREMIUM Issue­­ 2051.

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