Fitout to challenge rivals

metalicus 1 oAustralian fashion label, Metalicus, has unveiled a new store look ahead of the impending arrival of its new international neighbours at Melbourne’s The Emporium.

“Anytime a new brand comes into the market it makes everybody ensure that they are putting their best foot forward,” Karen Hengel, GM of Metalicus, told Inside Retail PREMIUM.

“I think people rest on their laurels sometimes if they are just cruising along and there’s no one knocking on the door,” Hengel said.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a competitor in your category or not, someone that is doing something new or clever in the marketplace is always a good thing for retailers and it keeps them on their toes.”

Metalicus will open at The Emporium next month after closing its GPO store to make way for fashion juggernaut H&M. Emporium will be home to internationals including Uniqlo, Zoo York, UCLA, and CK Watches and Jewellery.

Metalicus’ Emporium store will be modelled on its newly refurbished store at Chadstone in Melbourne.

“We’re currently investing into the look and feel of our bricks and mortar stores,” says Hengel.

“There are two extremes with shopping. People either want the digital experience that is very transactional – you just jump online and purchase. Or customers want to the complete opposite of that and want an emotive experience, where they want to walk into a store and there’s a great sense of feeling.

“Stores need to be an experience and that’s key for us going forward.”

metalicus 2 oMetalicus Chadstone re-opened earlier this month following a complete refit.

“There’s a lot more timber and it’s a warmer feeling instore,” Hengel says of the boutique’s new look.

“Visually it has a much stronger creative campaign and I think that gives a strong brand message. It’s also a little bit more flexible in the way it’s fitted out, so it creates a diverse space for us to showcase our product.”

Along with The Emporium, Metalicus will open another store later this year in Indooroopilly, Brisbane.

All 41 existing stores are expected to be converted to the new fitout over the next two years.

“It will probably take us at least two years to really get through all these stores or at least give them some elements of the new fitout.”

Despite the hefty rollout, Hengel insists there is still room for growth.

“It’s exciting to have two new stores under our belt for this year, but I think we have still have room for about five more in our portfolio.”

Metalicus wholesales in New Zealand, South Africa, and Canada, but Hengel says the focus remains on its domestic network.

“We’re really strong in all those territories but we don’t have plans to open stores at this point. We’re mainly focused on the domestic market and we want to make sure we have ticked off all our domestic boxes before we get too caught up with international.”

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