Inbox to doorstep: Three strategies to elevate your post-purchase experience

(Source: Klaviyo)

Relevant, helpful communication with customers post-purchase can turn brand followers into raving fans. 

Effective communication in this stage of the customer journey can be a key tactic in building long-term customer loyalty which in turn contributes to sustained revenue growth and an increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

From the moment a purchase is confirmed to when it arrives at the customer’s doorstep, Klaviyo’s intelligent marketing automation tools track progress and inform customers where their eagerly anticipated purchase is at. Shoppers can stay up to date on the progress of their purchases between the store or warehouse and the end-delivery point. 

James Guerin, strategic partnerships manager at Klaviyo, says that post-purchase, personalised emails have an open rate considerably higher than for regular email communications, underlying the importance of maintaining communication throughout the customer journey. 

“These emails are no longer just a nice-to-have – they need to become a key part of your customer service strategy.”

Integrating Starshipit and Klaviyo technologies boosts customer engagement

Using Klaviyo, retailers can schedule a series of personalised messages and targeted ads via email, SMS and push notifications to keep customers up to date on order progress – including personalised emails and SMS messages to customers to confirm orders, update on shipping progress and advise predicted delivery times.

One way of achieving this is through Klaviyo’s integration with Starshipit a shipping platform designed to enable retailers to eliminate manual shipping processes and allow customers to track their parcels, saving a lot of questions and support time.

Starshipit’s integration with Klaviyo enables shippers to sync shipping events and status updates within their Klaviyo account. They can integrate delivery milestones into personalised email flows, keeping customers informed of the progress of their purchases. 

You can learn more about this from our earlier features that focused on automated flows and audience segmentation

The delivery platform can trigger Klaviyo updates to customers at each step of the journey from warehouse to door: printing the label, dispatch, in-transit, out for delivery and successful delivery.

‘Never underestimate personalisation’

David Renwick, product marketing lead at Starshipit, says the value of personalised communications to customers awaiting deliveries can never be underestimated. 

“Personalised communication builds customer satisfaction and trust and takes away the element of uncertainty,” explains Renwick. “Real-time updates can reduce customer anxiety and enhance the overall post-purchase experience here.

“By combining Starshipit’s technology with Klaviyo’s communications excellence to automate the communications process and minimise human error retailers can get back to what matters most: running their businesses.”

Collaboratively, the two companies have defined three key strategies retailers can adopt when seamlessly integrating Starshipit’s services with Klaviyo’s intelligent email and messaging platform. 

1. Keep customers in the loop

After a purchase, customers want to know when they can expect to receive their items. Frequent and accurate shipment updates not only satisfy this anticipation but also cut down on those “Where’s my parcel?” queries, saving retailers time.

2. Streamline post-purchase communications

Working with Starshipit, Klaviyo enables retailers to build an entire post-purchase communication strategy that extends beyond the confirmation email. With Klaviyo, you can:

  • Automate insightful shipping notifications that are triggered by real-time events.
  • Weave in promotions for related products and loyalty program benefits, converting every email into an opportunity for additional sales and engagement.
  • Customise messaging and design to align with your brand voice and your customer’s expectations, ensuring every communication is relevant and impactful, while still being an extension of your brand.

This coordinated approach keeps your customers informed – but equally importantly maintains the connection with your brand throughout the entire post-purchase experience.

3. Create world-class shipping updates

Retailers can use the Starshipit and Klaviyo integration to craft personalised order-tracking emails for their customers. 

Using a seamless flow of information from Starshippit to Klaviyo’s platform effortlessly keeps customers in the loop so they know where their package is on it journey from the warehouse and when to expect delivery.

This reinforces their confidence in the brand’s commitment to the overall customer experience.

Retailers can use Klaviyo’s pre-built flow templates, add their own branding, and customise it with just a few clicks to create a flow to manage post-purchase engagement. All of Klaviyo’s flow templates feature built-in split logic – there is no backend configuration necessary. 

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